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sweet enough to sing

Wednesdays were Joey days. No beautiful baby girl, no fiancĂ©e, no guys, no work, no nothing except him and a locked door. More… »

don’t go far off

It happens like this:

You’re waiting outside of a club, something new that you absolutely *had* to go to, according to your publicist. You don’t want to be in LA, or California. You want to be hiding out in Georgia, the little house on the coast you bought under your manager’s name and didn’t bother to tell anyone about. But you’re in LA, because that’s what people like you do, and you can’t change who you are. Not now. More… »

Prepare to Reign

Warning for consensual D/s themes.

“Do you have it on?” Joey whispered against Justin’s ear. Justin nodded, knowing better than to speak. “Show me.” More… »

The Impression

Chris is plastered to Joey’s back, and it’s going to suck when they go outside because it’s twenty degrees to the club’s ninety. He’s been hard longer than he can remember, arms winding around Joey’s middle and his dick fitting so perfectly in the cleft of Joey’s ass; his tongue swipes along the hairline of Joey’s neck, collecting the salt there, and he can tell Joey likes that by the fingernails he rakes up Chris’s arms. More… »

In Search Of

“You know we’re just running away, right?” Lance said from his position behind the steering wheel.

Chris rolled his eyes, leaning against the window. “Of course we are, dumbass. That’s like the entire point of going to a tropical island, running away. It’s why they exist, so bored pop stars with nothing to do can escape their tragic lives and go pretend they can even conceive of a life where people don’t know your face when you walk down the street.” More… »

Off-Season Transactions

Lance has a vacation for the first time in a long time, so he goes to London and then New York, Orlando for Chris’s birthday, and finally home. More… »

A Thousand Natural Shocks

Written with notpoetry.

They start doing it after really charged scenes, the script points that are so full of the weird sexual energy of their characters. First little pecks, tentative and chaste, with furtive looks afterwards–both of them wondering what the hell they’re doing. More… »

european techno band au cracky chatfic

So some time ago, ailleann23 and I were entertaining ourselves by not doing work, and we started talking. As you do. Predictably the topic was Spencer Smith. More… »

the rug burns on both my knees

Later, neither of them will remember what the argument was about. More… »

two pill bottles and a microphone

Warning for dark themes, past pharmaceutical addiction, and struggles with mental illness.

Pete wakes up feeling cold. More… »