Prepare to Reign

Warning for consensual D/s themes.

“Do you have it on?” Joey whispered against Justin’s ear. Justin nodded, knowing better than to speak. “Show me.”

Justin undid his pants, pushing them down with his underwear to his knees, bracing himself so they wouldn’t fall. Joey liked him to keep his clothes on. His cock stuck out from his body, the black leather of the cock ring stark against his stiffened form. He looked ahead, feeling the ghost of Joey’s breath on his skin when Joey’s hand came up to cradle and rub gently against the stubble of Justin’s skull. Joey looked down, almost hungrily, and Justin had to repress a shudder.

Joey turned to him. “You like that, don’t you? Like me looking at you? I’d figure you’d get enough of people looking at you all the time, but you’re made for eyes on your body and your voice and the way you move your hips,” he ran a finger up the inside of Justin’s thigh, causing him to jerk with little control, “just like that,” he said with a glint in his eyes.

The light in the room was low; it cast peals of darkness over Joey’s face, shadowing the usually jovial face with cares best hid from daylight. Justin liked to think the looks were only for him, but they’d all seen Joey on the prowl, all been subject to it. It was easier to give in, do what he said, over the strange frustrated aura that would settle over him otherwise.

Besides, the sex was fucking great.

Justin had been wearing the cock ring Joey had casually dumped in his lap for what seemed like hours; in reality it was more forty-five minutes, the time it had taken to sit through a brief meeting with Johnny, make plans for dinner with the others, and duck into an empty boardroom. Lance’s eyes had fallen to his crotch, and Justin’s face burned; Lance knew perfectly well what was going on. It had probably happened to him before, too, and that was a thought he really shouldn’t entertain right now. Cock rings always seemed hotter on other people, when they weren’t cinched tight around his own frustrated dick.

Joey’s hand grew tighter against the back of his head, and Justin felt himself being pushed downward. Inwardly he groaned; it would be hard, but not impossible, to give Joey a blowjob while not touching himself, or letting his dick free from its confine. Just as his knees hit the floor, though, Joey fell to his own, pushed Justin backwards against the scratchy company carpet, and took Justin’s cock into his mouth as far as the cock ring.

Justin arched off the floor, unable to control his shocked gasp or the insistent urge to get more, deeper. Joey chuckled around his cock, and the vibrations would have done him in had it not been for the damned cock ring. Joey moved his mouth up and down in some semblance of a rhythm, Justin following his movements blindly. Just as before, the time seemed much longer than it actually was, and when Joey swiftly removed the cock ring and took him to the root, Justin couldn’t even make a noise before he came.

When he opened his eyes again, Joey was nuzzling the side of his neck and fingering the cock ring within Justin’s line of sight. “We will *definitely* be doing this again,” Joey murmured against his collarbone.