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one: not alone

Lance sighed as he dropped his briefcase on the sofa, then slumped against the doorframe, utterly exhausted. He’d fought with Kevin today, arguing about the future of the Deshazior account, and had left the office so frustrated that he couldn’t help but walk through the Park, taking the long way home. He’d turned off his cell phone, stuffed his Palm in the bottom of his bag, and absolutely refused to look at his computer for three hours. More… »

don’t go far off

It happens like this:

You’re waiting outside of a club, something new that you absolutely *had* to go to, according to your publicist. You don’t want to be in LA, or California. You want to be hiding out in Georgia, the little house on the coast you bought under your manager’s name and didn’t bother to tell anyone about. But you’re in LA, because that’s what people like you do, and you can’t change who you are. Not now. More… »