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Getting Out and Going Places

JC peered across the table, looking through his perfectly positioned fingers and catching Chris’s glaring eye. He grinned, something Chris couldn’t see because JC’s mouth was currently below the table, and with a quiet snick, JC launched the paper football across the table. It landed with perfect precision through Chris’s hands, and as Chris’s mouth set into his “I am annoyed” line, JC stood up and cheered for himself. More… »

A Study of the Mating Patterns of California Teenagers

JC splashed into the ocean, the sunlight dancing on his skin and making him appear golden in the full noon light. He was laughing; his face lit up with the joy of it, of feeling the sun on his back and the waves at his feet and Chris on the beach, watching him play. It was Chris’ eyes that made this perfect, JC thought to himself; playful with a hint of reserve, knowing and accepting of all that JC was. It was Chris that made this happen, Chris that brought him here. JC was happy and everything was *perfect.* More… »