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no particular place to go

Notes: Bob/Ray, for clumsygyrl in popoffacork, who likes long walks on the beach grammar in nsync songs alternate realities! Happy holidays. (Also available at the community.)


Bob is seven and twenty-five. More… »

european techno band au cracky chatfic

So some time ago, ailleann23 and I were entertaining ourselves by not doing work, and we started talking. As you do. Predictably the topic was Spencer Smith. More… »

two pill bottles and a microphone

Warning for dark themes, past pharmaceutical addiction, and struggles with mental illness.

Pete wakes up feeling cold. More… »

between the click of the light and the start of the dream

The first time Bob met Spencer Smith, he was an eighteen year old kid with a lot of attitude and a little too much product. More… »

From Essex County, With Love

Follow up to waiting for the lights to go.

Bob got exactly one warning that Frankie Iero had showed up on her doorstep. More… »

waiting for the lights to go

Based off idyll’s Not a Pretty Girl Series, which was the most amazing journey through the life of Bob Bryar (sound engineer, drummer, girl). These are the continuing adventures of girl!Bob. More… »

play it again sam (and this time make it count)

Mikey thinks it would probably be weirder walking into his ex-boyfriend’s bar with his wife if he hadn’t played picture-message phone tag with Pete just last week. It was something they did every once in awhile, especially when they were both on tour and stayed in hotels whose only element of surprise came in whether the breakfast was cold or hot. More… »