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one: not alone

Lance sighed as he dropped his briefcase on the sofa, then slumped against the doorframe, utterly exhausted. He’d fought with Kevin today, arguing about the future of the Deshazior account, and had left the office so frustrated that he couldn’t help but walk through the Park, taking the long way home. He’d turned off his cell phone, stuffed his Palm in the bottom of his bag, and absolutely refused to look at his computer for three hours. More… »

Proximity to Reality

Warning for possible trigger for consent due to sex under the influence. (AU.)

She locked the bathroom door, wishing she had a chair she could shove under the doorknob like they did in movies, just to ensure that no one in the building would come in and see what she was doing. Slowly, she opened her purse, taking out the small box with its aggressive pink and black letters: results in less than three minutes, guaranteed. More… »

With I Your Faithful Consort

This is not an AU.

“Look, Slayer, I’ve had about enough of your shit. I’m going out of town, as it’s obvious you won’t accept help even when it’s shoved in your face. So if you’d kindly leave, I’ll pack my things and go,” Chris said angrily. More… »

In Search Of

“You know we’re just running away, right?” Lance said from his position behind the steering wheel.

Chris rolled his eyes, leaning against the window. “Of course we are, dumbass. That’s like the entire point of going to a tropical island, running away. It’s why they exist, so bored pop stars with nothing to do can escape their tragic lives and go pretend they can even conceive of a life where people don’t know your face when you walk down the street.” More… »