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a sip of wine, a sip of water

Hayley had just crawled into bed, throwing the covers over her head, when the phone rang. The fucking annoying Danity Kane song Josh had downloaded as her ringtone had her cursing to shut the thing off; they’d been on a plane all evening, finally landing in Nashville at half past midnight, and all Hayley wanted to do was sleep for forty-eight hours and then, maybe, consider breakfast. The air conditioning in the house was set to below freezing, the way she liked it, but she shivered a little as goosebumps rose on her skin. Finally she found her phone in her bag and with a sigh she hit the green button.

“‘Marmosets are highly active, living in the upper canopy of forest trees, and feeding on insects, fruit and leaves. They have long lower incisors, which allow them to chew holes in tree trunks and branches to harvest the gum inside; some species are specialised feeders on gum,'” Charlotte said, and Hayley closed her eyes, hard. More… »