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Better By Far

JC was in a hurry. He was always in a hurry, but this time it was really, *really* important, because if he didn’t get to the chemistry lab in five minutes, his students were going to rake him over the coals again. He dropped his skateboard to the ground with a clatter and did his best to speed across campus. It didn’t matter, though. He knew he was going to be late. More… »

Proximity to Reality

Warning for possible trigger for consent due to sex under the influence. (AU.)

She locked the bathroom door, wishing she had a chair she could shove under the doorknob like they did in movies, just to ensure that no one in the building would come in and see what she was doing. Slowly, she opened her purse, taking out the small box with its aggressive pink and black letters: results in less than three minutes, guaranteed. More… »


There’s a restaurant called Juliana on Peterson, out in the northwest end of the city where people commuting to and fro pass it everyday. It’s not much to look at during the day, but at night cars crowd the entrance and lines form outside, even on a Wednesday in the middle of Chicago heat. They talk about Juliana in Zagat’s and the restaurant magazines, as a tucked-away little place with just the right atmosphere to bring even the most stringent socialite out to the near-burbs. More… »