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european techno band au cracky chatfic

So some time ago, ailleann23 and I were entertaining ourselves by not doing work, and we started talking. As you do. Predictably the topic was Spencer Smith. More… »

the rug burns on both my knees

Later, neither of them will remember what the argument was about. More… »

Move Into, Not Away

Warning for consensual D/s.

Brendon’s shoulders hurt where they’re stretched out over the bed. More… »

between the click of the light and the start of the dream

The first time Bob met Spencer Smith, he was an eighteen year old kid with a lot of attitude and a little too much product. More… »

Kiss Ninja

Jon suspected he should probably cut down on the cigarettes when he was chasing after Brendon (who had stolen Jon’s hoodie and raced through the parking lot crowing “Mine mine mine!” like a demented seagull) and had to stop halfway around the corner of the Hushies’ bus to pant and heave like his eighty-year-old Uncle Phil.

“I think I should probably stop smoking,” Jon said, looking up at Zack.

“That shit’ll kill you,” Zack agreed. “Now get the fuck back on the bus.” More… »

you know what you want (and that makes you just like me)

Warning for consenual D/s.

As Spencer adjusted his bowtie in the mirror behind the bar, he let the uncertainty that had plagued him for the last week flood his brain just the once before he committed to this. More… »

a self made ready while we sleep

Spencer is never, ever late. He makes a point of scheduling multiple alarms on his Sidekick so that he will always be where he’s supposed to be on time, barring Ryan’s make-up emergencies or Brendon’s constant game of forgetting things on the bus.

Of course, multiple alarms really only work if you remember to plug your fucking phone in so that it’s charged and won’t die in the middle of the night. More… »

A Brokedown Melody

When Jon is twelve, his parents move the family to Hawai’i. More… »