A Pleasure Doing Business

The one with the thinly veiled QAFUS references.

Lance straightened his tie, brushed a hand down the front of his jacket. He smiled slightly at himself in the mirror. He didn’t need to look at his watch to know that soon, the client’s son would be coming through that door; he was never wrong.

As if on cue, the bathroom door swung open and a nervous-looking man entered. Their eyes met in the mirror, and Lance turned to lean against the sink. The man looked good, despite his rumpled black suit. The cut of it made him look solid, and the crisp white shirt was attractive against his olive skin. Lance had called it right.

The man came next to him, cautiously looking at Lance but mostly looking at his shoes. He washed his hands, very carefully, and Lance smirked. It was always the quiet ones that were so enthusiastic–you just had to flip their lid a little. Lance put his hand on the man’s shoulder, enjoying the shudder he gave, and started to turn him.

“I–I’m Joey,” the man stuttered, swaying a little towards Lance.

“I don’t care,” Lance told him very seriously before kissing him.

Lance bit at his lips, demanding entrance, and thrust his tongue against Joey’s. He braced his hands against the sink, on either side of Joey, pushing his groin against a waiting, hard cock. Joey panted against his mouth, trying to get air, and Lance took that as his cue to pull Joey into an open stall.

He’d been waiting for this for–well, for a couple hours, since he last fucked Howie on his way out the door. But cock waits for no one, and he knelt on the immaculate, corporate floor and began to open Joey’s pants. When he looked up, Joey was watching with his mouth hanging open a little and his hands plastered against the stall divide as if he had no where else to put them.

“It’s okay to touch, you know,” Lance said flirtatiously as he pulled out Joey’s cock, which was long and thick, just to Lance’s taste. He licked the slit before taking it as far in as he could. He held Joey’s cock in his mouth for a couple of long seconds, just reveling in the heavy, warm feel. He dragged his mouth back to the tip and sucked in his cheeks, and then went right back down. After a few more times, Joey has gotten with the program. He started thrusting into Lance’s mouth and grabbing onto his head. Lance was glad for the cold metal of the wall against his supporting hand as he moved the other one up and down his own dick in time with Joey’s thrusts. Oh yeah, he loved this.

That was Lance’s last thought before Joey started to move, really move, fingers locking Lance’s head in place, and he’s okay being a body, nothing but something Joey can use, because he’s using Joey just the same. In and out, in and out, making harsh, wet sounds in a slippery rhythm while the thwap of his hand on his cock formed the backbeat. This sound formed the drumbeat of Lance’s life: work, drink, and fuck. He loved it.

One more strong thrust, and Joey was coming. He knocked his head backward on the stall and it rattled like a cymbal. He was still panting hard, and Lance doesn’t move, just letting him ride it out and enjoying the pulsing feel in his mouth. It came to a slow halt, and Lance was itching to move his hand again, finish himself off. Suddenly he was standing up and there was a hand on his dick besides his own, which has been pushed away, and Joey was stripping him hard, hard and fast and just the way Lance loves it.

He picked good with this one: no shyness now, Joey staring into his eyes as he pulled Lance’s orgasm from him. Joey even reached over and kissed him, and Lance arched into his mouth when he came. Lance rested his hands on Joey’s shoulders, and Joey held his cock until he’d finished coming.

After a moment, Lance started to get a little unnerved by Joey’s eyes on him and began to tuck himself back into his pants, grabbing some toilet paper to wipe himself off. Joey did the same, and Lance wasn’t watching as he left to wash his hands in the sink. When he looked up, Joey was standing there, looking a little lost.

Lance made to leave the bathroom when Joey’s tentative voice said, “Can I have your number?”

Lance smiled, turned around, and kissed Joey thoroughly until he was grasping for purchase against the sink again. “Sorry,” he said lowly against Joey’s ear, “I don’t fuck with straight guys.”

“Mr. Fatone,” Lance said smoothly, holding out a hand for the senior Fatone to shake, “it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.”

“You too, Bass,” Fatone Sr said gruffly. “I’ll email you those specs once I get back to the office.”

As Fatone Sr left the conference room, Lance stopped the younger Fatone with a handshake. “I’m certain,” Lance said, giving Fatone a meaningful look up and down, “that working together will be very…lucrative,” he said, punctuating his words with a quick slide of his body against Fatone’s.