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Plating a Quiet Dish

The Really Really Really Ridiculously Good-Looking Tour ends on a high note, everyone piling offstage and into a big, raucous group hug. After two and a half months on the road with these guys, it doesn’t matter that everyone is sweaty and kind of gross; that much time together means bonding on levels previously unthought of, anyway. Besides which, Gabe takes personal offense to non-participants in the group hug, so even the techs and the security guys get in on it. More… »

you know what you want (and that makes you just like me)

Warning for consenual D/s.

As Spencer adjusted his bowtie in the mirror behind the bar, he let the uncertainty that had plagued him for the last week flood his brain just the once before he committed to this. More… »

play it again sam (and this time make it count)

Mikey thinks it would probably be weirder walking into his ex-boyfriend’s bar with his wife if he hadn’t played picture-message phone tag with Pete just last week. It was something they did every once in awhile, especially when they were both on tour and stayed in hotels whose only element of surprise came in whether the breakfast was cold or hot. More… »

a self made ready while we sleep

Spencer is never, ever late. He makes a point of scheduling multiple alarms on his Sidekick so that he will always be where he’s supposed to be on time, barring Ryan’s make-up emergencies or Brendon’s constant game of forgetting things on the bus.

Of course, multiple alarms really only work if you remember to plug your fucking phone in so that it’s charged and won’t die in the middle of the night. More… »

it’s not the view, baby, it’s the company

When Pete was fifteen, he started noticing these *feelings* he got around other people. More… »

A Brokedown Melody

When Jon is twelve, his parents move the family to Hawai’i. More… »